EX-SITU EXPLORATION AND CONSERVATION OF CASSAVA GERMPLASM IN MALUKU. Exploration of germplasm cassava is executed in May-June 2007 in SubProvince of Seram Bagian Barat (SBB). Seram Bagian Timllr (SBT). and Maluku Tengah. Conservation ex-situ is C1xecutedin KP. Makariki. Exploration is executed by using method survey, focused at germplasm collection cassava owned by farmer. From result of exploration, has collected 26 accessions of cassava and conservation in the Station of Term Plasm Collection, KP. Makariki. Eight accessions i.e., UKBL, USGK, lUNG 1. U.TER, u..J.J. U.CM, U. SM. And U.BPR showed superior characters useful for further cultivar development of cassava.  (oleh : Sirappa, M.P; Waas, E; Noto Susanto, A.  Dalam Jurnal Agro Tropica  Vol. 14(2)  hal. 73-80)