This research is to know the economic institution in Sub-Distric Holo and sees the problem. Result Of Research expected to be useful in improvement policy formula of prosperity of farmer in Sub-District Holo. This activity is result of PRA in dry farming agro ecosystem region that is in Sub-District Holo, district Amahai sub provinci of Maluku Tengah. InstiMion problems met in Sub-District Holo For example, Holo has not there is
shop of facilities for produce as dealer institute supporting facilities for produce of farming, has not there are tractor for tilth. Activity done in group of very rare there even exist not at all, institution of Processing of result also has not is exist. Farmer have never obtained processing counseling of result of Information market has not been accessed by farmer, so that the price of low commodity, the light position of bargaining farmer, and expense of high transportation. In sub-district. of Holo has not there are formal xenon institute loaning capital to farmer. Location of the Institute formal like Bank in district. farmer have never accessed loan through via Bank because difficult of heavy management and return risk according to farmer . there are not activity of capital collectively in group. (oleh : Nurdin, M.  Jurnal Ilmiah Prospek   Vol. XII(3)  hal. 284-289)