Participatorat Rural Appraisal (PRA) is problem that is actually faced public in sub district according to farmer version, frequently differs from researcher version. Execution of PRA is stepping beginning of which must be done in location addressed to collect and analyses berbegai information required for the agenda of designing innovation types which will be dikembangkanlditerapkan. This activity is result of PRA in dry farming agroecosystem region that is in my SUb-District, Holo district Amahai, sub provlnd of Maluku Tengah. Dari result of research of Capital charges farming field crop, relative horticulture of height and alternative of trouble-shooting submitted is building institution of formal xenon from group which there are as basis for ties the farmers for share in capital employed expansion . Availability of information  alternative of farming foodlhorticulture crop, profiting plantation and breeding relatively limited. Alternative of its(the resolving is by building agriculture business data institute in rural causing can prepare all information required by farmer transportation cost of agriculture commodity of  foodlhorticufture crop and the price of expensive relative input. Strategic step to overcome it is by building road street usahatani to countryside so that agricultural produce transportation fee can. be depressed and agricultural produce selling price can be ditperbaiki with existence of the short cut Ability of crop commodity farmer pangan hortikultural perkebunan to access very limited formal financial institution, anticipation of Its (the solution is with menumbuh-kembangkan innovation of social capital. Whe to overcome difficulty access formal financial institution hence alternative of its (the resolving is by building institution of formal xenon in rural. (oleh : Nurdin, M.  Dalam Jurnal ilmiah bertani  vol. V(3)  hal. 121-130)