Assessment of superior variety and planting system “jajar legowo” was done at Waenetat and Waelo village, Waeapo, Buru district in 2007 planting season, from June until October 2007.  The assessment was held at “Prima Tani” and outside of “Prima Tani” location.  The area of prima Tani location was 4 ha and outside  Prima Tani location was 2 ha.  results of the assessment showed that implementation of integrated crop management (ICM) innovation technology by using superior variety and planting system “Jajar legowo”, either direct seeded or transplanting system gave higher grain yield compared to farmers technology (non ICM).  Superior varieties of membramo, Mekongga, Cigeulis, Ciherang, and IR66 which were grown by “jajar legowo” system, averagely gave higher grain yield (5.5-8.3 t ha -1) compared to farmers technology (4.0 t ha).  ICM technology using superior variety and “legowo” planting system have a good prospect for development in Waeapo plain, Buru district and other  location of rice production in Moluccas. (Oleh : Marthen P Sirappa. Dalam Jurnal Budidaya  Pertanian.  Vol 7(2)  2011. hal 79-87)