The purpose of this paper is to review exploiting development and potency rice straw as source of beef cattle livestock feed in Moluccas. There are 3 centra produce irrigation rice field paddy in Province Moluccas broadly totalize about 12.138 ha which spread over in some sub-province that is Kairatu in sub-province Seram of West, Waiapu in sub-province Buru and Pasahari in sub-province of Seram North. wet Exploiting Farm in sub-province Buru specially Waeapo plain processed to become planted by rice field farm is paddy intensively since year 1984. 1\1. the moment the plain have turned into food mow to sub-province Buru even Moluccas province. E’/ery year can yield more or less 4.832 rice field paddy ton. Waste paddy exploiting in the form of hay as beef cattle livestock feed in Moluccas very have opportunity, especially as source of fibre. :cctivity of Management of fermentation rice straw for the feed of beef cattle, using probiotic “starb:c” have been done by BPTP Moluccas in District of Waeapo, subprovince Buru. Result of laboratory analysis indicate that fermentation rice straw gizi content result of study, like harsh protein equal to 6,40 percent, harsh fat 1, 56 percent and harsh fibre of 24,10 percent. Result of gift of rice straw 5 percent from Wight Body earn beef body wight increased equal to 14,50 singk / 3 months or experience of increase 5,64 percent.   Oleh Matitaputty Procula Rodlof.  Ziraa’ah (Majalah Ilmiah Pertanian) – Indonesia tahun 2007. vol. 18(1)p. 27 – 36