The purpose of this paper is to review potency and the use of paddy straw as feeding source for beef cattle in Mollucas. There are 3 production centers of irrigated-wetland paddy rice in Province of Mollucas with total area of 12.138 ha, spreads in several regencies, e.g. at Kairatu in Western Seram regency, Waiapu in Bum regency, and Pasahari in Northern Seram regency. The land in Buru regency, especially in Waiapu, had been cultivated in to intensive wetland paddy rice since 1984. Nowadays, Waiapu has become food-paddy rice center for Buru regency and even for Province ofMollucas. The wetland paddy production reaches 4.832 tons every year. This condition give an opportunity for using waste product of paddy straw as feeding source for beef cattle. The activity of paddy straw fermentation for beef cattle feed with pro biotic ‘starbio’ was done in BPTP’s Mollucas at Waeapo, Bum regency. Laboratory analyses result showed that nutrient content of fennented paddy straw was 6.40 percent for crude protein, 1.56 percent crude fat, and 24.10 percent crude fiber. Feeding 5 percent paddy straw for beef cattle could increase body weight that was 14.50 kwthree months or increase about 5.64 percent.   Oleh Matitaputty Procula Rodlof; Susanto Andriko Noto; Sirappa Marthen Passang ; Rieuwpassa Alex Jacob. Agria (Jurnal Penelitian dan Kajian Ilmu-ilmu Pertanian) – Indonesia tahun 2007. v. 3(2)p. 38 – 44