Information and data land potential for development of pre-eminent plantation commodity through by land biophysic analysis data and Location Quotient (LQ). Result of land biophysic analysis data which poured in Zona Agroekologi map (ZAE), registered by arealfor the width of 165,847 ha (22,06 percent) from wide of Center Moluccas Regency, which have potency for development plantation commodity. This areal spead at subzona II ax, II ax.i, and II bx. Actual land which have been laboured for the commodity of plantation just about 35,323.50 ha, so that leave open opportunity for development of the effort plantation for the width of 130,523.50 ha (78.70 percent) from wide of potential land. Development areal spread over in some district, that is: (1) Tehoru 62,639 ha; (2) Amahai, Waipia and Masohi 21,621 ha; (3) Saparua and Nusalaut 2,584.50 ha; (4) Haruku Island 4,178; (5) Salahutu 2,403 ha; and (6) North Ceram 42,376 ha. Pre-eminent commodity of Center Moluccas Regency are clove and cacao, with LQ value equal 2.06 and 1.24, respectively. This commodity proposed as superior because comparatively have highest production compared with the same commodity at all of regency/town in Moluccas Province. Coconut can be considered to become region pre-eminent commodity if its production can be improved. Specificregion commodity which proposed as superior are Nutmeg of Banda and Sago.  Oleh Sirappa Marthen Passang dan Matitaputty Procula Rodlof. Jurnal Peternakan – Indonesia tahun 2010. vol. 7(2)p. 52 – 61