Meat consumption in Indonesia is not only provided from beef and chicken. Nowadays, the duck meat consumption tends to increase and leads the meat duck to become food stuff with a good prospect. Usually, duck meat is yielded from male or culled female which has poor meat quality. This research was run to study the use of beluntas leaves meal, vitamin C and E on the performance of local male ducks. The research used two male duck strains (Alabio and Cihateup). A complete randomized design was applied in this research with four treatments and three repetitions. The treatments were 1) KO (control); 2) commercial feed + beluntas leaves meal 0.5 percent (KB); 3) commercial feed + beluntas leaves meal 0.5 percent + vitamin C 250 mg/kg (KBC); 4) commercial feed + beluntas leaves meal 0.5 percent + vitamin E 400 IU/kg (KBE). The treatments KB, KBC and KBE showed no significant effect in feed intake, feed conversion, end body weight, body weight gain, slaughter weight, carcass percentage and commercial carcass cuts of Alabio duck. However, the treatment KBE revealed significant effect on end body weight, body weight gain and breast percentage compared to treatments KO, KB and KBC. The use of beluntas leave meal at level 0.5 percent resulted better feed conversion. The use of beluntas leaf meal at 0.5 percent + vitamin E in feed maintained good duck performances.  Oleh: Rukmiasih; Hardjosworo PS; Kataren PP; Matitaputty Procula Rodlof (Departemen Ilmu Produksi dan Teknologi Petemakan Fakultas Peternakan lnstitut Pertanian Bogor; Balai Penelitian Ternak Ciawi Bogor;  Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Maluku (Indonesia)). Jurnal Ilmu Produksi dan Teknologi Hasil Peternakan. Tahun 2013, vol. 1(1) p. 42-46